Beijing Punk: What happens when 1.3 billion Chinese discover punk?

Beijing Punk is a music documentary that follows underground punks through Communist China in the year of the Olympics.

It's available on as of today - free. You have to log in because well, they're punks, so they swear a lot (so you have to promise you're an adult/OK with hearing some 4 letter words). But it's in English. 

They're hilarious, serious, and extreme, but these punks are so charismatic, by the end of the film you can't help but love them. 

The film's been banned in China, so that alone speaks volumes to what the Chinese government does not want seen by their population. Which of course makes us want to see it even more.

Let's hope these Chinese bands get their chance to tour internationally soon so their music and voice can be heard.

The whole film on Hulu here:


"You don't have too much freedom, because the government will say "You do this, you don't do this. Don't speak this, you speak this...Nothing. You just speak 'We love China. We love Olympics.'"  --Lei Jun

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